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All my life I have searched for moments to capture and hold forever; to make new memories and have fairytales to share. Little did I realize, picking up a Nikon, almost a decade ago would change my life entirely. I found my passion. And all it took was one hot air ballon ride in Myanmar.

Weddings in particular, are close to my heart. Moments caught in motion and orchestrated to tell a beautiful stories, which will be then held onto for generations to come.

Each couple I have met, and the time we have spent together has taught me love in so many ways. It is the purest form I could have been blessed to witness, to see love unfold and then be able to make it my own form of art.

The journey just so beautiful.

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Art is profound when expressed through the heart and soul.

All I want, is tell your story in art form.

Frame by frame.

From still to poetry in motion.

After all, that is what photography is.

Fuco nelle vene...

living with p a s s i o n ....

Tell me about you :)

If you have any further questions, please email me at niharweddings@gmail.com